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Mothers & Daughters


Periods of connection followed by an inexplicable distance. Soaring elation…and then devastation without warning. Everything clicking—until it isn’t. Sound familiar? The teenage years can be overwhelming and hard even for the closest of families. But there is hope!


I will work with you—either in my office or at your home—to help navigate through this period. You and your daughter will be able to:


  • Identify, manage, and express emotions

  • Develop face-to-face and eye-to-eye communications skills

  • Learn to truly listen to one another—and to hear what is being said

  • Solve problems together

  • Explore what factors contribute to emotionally charged situations and discover how to defuse them

  • Manage stress (possibly through exercise or practicing yoga)

  • Learn how to think on your feet and respond both spontaneously and appropriately

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Overcome disappointments

  • Develop and deepen compassion, empathy, and patience with one another


Depending on your preferences, the sessions may include individual work, skills practice, counseling, mother-daughter yoga, conflict resolution, and other activities.


Please contact me to schedule your free consultation!  Call 303.579.7554 or email me today.

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